We are Closing... for now.
07/05/17, by Tactician

Dear soldiers,

We are sorry to announce that we will be closing our game server by the end of this month (May 31st, 2017).

However, website will still be working for the entire year.

We are closing due to the fact that we are not seeing a lot of player in-game, and we thought it was not worthwhile the investment.

Nevertheless, we are going to work on more updates to improve the quality of Nepix. We want to offer far more things than what we do offer right now, which are actually a lot!

You all will be able to keep up to date by taking a look at the f...
Game Maintenance 12/03/2017 21:30 CET
09/03/17, by Infernalz

Welcome back Troopers!

We'll be performing the game server maintenance on 12/03/2017
The downtime will begin at 21:30 CET and end as fast as it'll be possible.
The game will be unavailable for play during this time.

Below is the list o...
Zombtastic Maintenance! 05/03/2017
03/03/17, by Tactician

Dear Troopers,

We are extremely happy of announcing that the A.I. Channel mode that you were all asking for is finally here!

You will now be able to play in the channel... Don't let the zombies kill you and show that you own them all!

Zombie mode is one of the greatest challenges of the game, (the fact of completing all waves & SURVIVE) so we will try to make sort of an A.I. Mode event so as to see who of you is the best in this mode. However, take into account that this is a new mode in the game and that it has been released as soon as possible in order to le...



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